A Higher Power for the 21st Century

Updated on March 5th, 2018

A Higher Power for the 21st Century

Nature doesn’t remain hidden from us any longer. We have telescopes that look into the far heavens, and scans that unveil the universe inside us. As a result blind faith is no longer possible for those who think. To be able to live both rationally and spiritually, we need a vision of a higher power that is aligned with science. Not opposed to it. Two thousand five hundred years ago, an old Chinese sage revealed such a higher power. He called it Tao.

So, what is Tao? I will answer this question in a Taoist way. So, I need for you to join me in the following thought experiment. Imagine that an alien had visited our planet a few Billon years ago. He would have seen a rock. If he came back today he would see that the rock is covered by water, earth, vegetation, and all kinds of creatures. He would see that since his last visit, something populated the rock with these wonders. That Something is Tao.

Tao is not a thing, and is not a being. Tao is a force. It’s like the Law of Gravity. It’s the force that guides the process by which everything is created. It’s how everything is created.  It’s the emptiness from which everything came. Everything works according to Its design.

And, how do we know Its design? This is exciting—we can know It by studying how creation works. Tao reveals Itself through Its creation. In the same way that an architect reveals himself through a building. When you look at a building you learn a lot about the Architect that designed it. Even if you don’t know his name, or anything else about him. By looking at his building you will be able to know what style of architecture he prefers. You can understand the purpose that he intended for the building. You will know if he intended to design a factory, a home, or an office building. You will learn how to use the building best, following its design. Not using a luxury condo as a factory, for example.

In the same way, when we look at creation. When we study Nature. When we uncover our Human Nature; we understand the purpose of our design. We understand what our Creator/Designer/Tao created us for. And, if we live according to our design, we can reach our full potential.

When we live according to our design, we live aligned with the force that Created the Universe. We share in Its power. When we live aligned with the force that created the Universe, we manifest our full potential. When we live manifesting our true potential we are Whole. We are Holy.

So, any true spiritual path has to be a path that lead us to live in accordance with Creation, and its Creator. That’s where the power is. A path that opposes Nature opposes Its Creator. A path that opposes Creation, and Its Creator, cannot be a spiritual path.

A true spiritual path is enriched by knowledge, not threatened by it. The knowledge of Science, Psychology, and Technology enrich our knowledge of ourselves. It reveals Creation, and move us closer to the Creator without contradictions. A Creator that reveals Itself through science and knowledge is a Higher Power that we can embrace in the 21st Century.

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